Best Online Guitar Lessons for Music Theory

Music theory is a incredibly interesting intellectual pursuit.  Not only do we get to study the artistic aspects of music, but we turn it into a scientific pursuit as well, by documenting the mathematical relationship between frequencies, chords, timing and other aspects of music playing. There is not coincidence that many people who thrive in mathematical environments also strive in musical ones. This is relative outlier from the standards church/state separate that usually delineates “arts” and “sciences”.

Further mixing our media, analogies and technologies we can introduce the topic of online guitar lessons, which provides an Internet/computer based opportunity for approaching and mastering both the artistic aspects of playing the guitar, as well as the technical, and perhaps mathematical, aspects of playing any instrument. This gives a new generation, previously heralded as “computer geeks”, access to a learning opportunity that was previously relegated to physical encounters, instructors and group settings.

In past decades, if one wanted or needed to partake in guitar or music training, a physical setting was a must. You had to commute to a guitar teachers house or studio, you had to sit there for an hour and then you had to go home and practice more anyway. With the advent of computer technology, especially now with mobile phones and tablets, the video lessons offered with online guitar training can take the place of most all of those “old school” stuff.

While it’s still beneficial to have a human to bounce ideas off of, get feedback, and show you new tricks, that is becoming the supplementary part of the process. Weekly lessons may be necessary for someone looking to become a guitar master, it can be used in addition to more regular, rigorous online training that occurs pretty much every day.

While the idea of online training might interest a lot of people, it could be interesting to people for the wrong reasons. Don’t think that it means things will be easy or “push-button”. It’s still the same ol’ guitar training, just you get to sit in front of your computer, in your underwear, and no one would notice the different. Of course, you could do skype lessons, in which case it would be very improper if you were in your underwear. Let’s not turn this is into an idiot-fest over here.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about effort. The amount of time and energy you put into any process will determine what you get out of it. So practice still makes perfect and laziness will still breed shitty results. So while you can sit on your computer chair and watch guitar videos all day, every day, if you don’t pick up the axe and make some really effort it will all be for nothing.

So don’t be a nothing-ball, be a real person with real goals. More than that, accomplish them and end up on the winning side of the outcomes. I know you can do it, and you know you can do it. You just need to do it!

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